Behind great elearning is great UI and UX.

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Sydney-based learning experience designer.

My mission to help brands and businesses inspire their people through online learning experience with great visual design and user experience. I love to help businesses allowing their people to feel spark and passion through visual design and learning.

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Why we value good design in elearning

More often than not we are more engaged with aesthetically appealing products. Good elearning design should be useful and visually pleasing in the same time.

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Build emotional engagement

A connection with the learners means learners retain the information longer. It creates capacity to learn by reducing the cognitive overload.


Create behavioural changes

Successful elearning drives behaviour and performance changes. It helps learner feels confident to take action.


Intrinsically motivating

We are all influenced by attractive things. How learners perceived elearning course is more often than not related to design and appearances.


Care for the learners

The learners could be you too. All modern learners are time-poor, let’s provide an effective and short learning content.


Shows credibility

Think of a brand that you are fond and loyal with. Good design makes you feel comfortable and at ease.


Good for business

Good designed elearning can be a cost-effective solution to retain employees, help business with standardising operations, onboarding or expansion.

Design process

Learning Design Process

Step 1.

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Message emoji on green rounded background

Step 2.
SME Interview

Step 3.

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A woman with black hair working on an elearning in front of a laptop

Step 4.

Step 5.
User Testing

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Step 6.


Here's the services I can
help you with:

Customer Experience Role
Customer Experience Role
A basic course about customer experience role with Evolve.
A Guide to Buying Fresh Fish
A Guide to Buying Fresh Fish
A fun and short elearning course to buying fresh fish built with Evolve authoring tool.
Puppy-Proof your Home
Puppy-Proof your Home
You're about to welcome a new puppy! Find 10 home improvements in this gamified elearning to make your place as puppy proof as possible!


What people say

“Working with Lin was a great experience. She always demonstrated professionalism, talent and care for the quality of her work. She was a great asset to our team and highly recommended for anyone who is looking to work with someone who thinks outside the box and always delivers on creative projects.”

Hana Jebeile
Managing Director at wlc

"Shirleen exceeded all our expectations. We had a tight deadline to deliver a mobile app prototype for a fashion startup. Not only did Shirleen met all her deadlines, but she also helped us articulating our client's mission statement and translated that into her subsequent revisions. Shirleen made the difference, and we would work again with her in a heartbeat."

Nicolas Dao
Managing Director at Neap

"Shirleen worked with us on a short-term contract UI Designer on a number of various website and app interface designs. I really enjoy working with her, she's productive, a hard worker, and has a great sense of art. She always puts 110% into everything that she has a hand in. I look forward to working with her again."

Stephen Andelo
Founder at Andelo


Articles on elearning, design
and processes

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