Inspiring people through immersive visual elearning.

I am a remote-based freelance elearning designer and developer.

I focus on helping companies to design and develop immersive brand-aligned elearning experiences. My mission is to inspire people through engaging visual design and interactive learning.


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Incident Investigation with Global Logistics
Incident Investigation with Global Logistics
End-to-end learning experiences to upskill learners in investigating incidents at workplaces. This project shows a visual learning design process from the proposal signed to the post-implementation.
APS Suicide prevention | Articulate Rise course with abstract theme
APS Suicide prevention | Articulate Rise course with abstract theme
This suicide prevention course, a mental health course for healthcare professionals, emphasises collaboration with individuals who present suicidal behaviours. It is built in Articulate Rise using an abstract design theme.
The Foundations of Sleep Psychology
The Foundations of Sleep Psychology
Brand-aligned and interactive 5-topic course on The Foundations of Sleep Psychology built in Storyline for APS.

All things visual design in elearning.

Elevate your large-scaled projects with elearning templates!

Ideal for expansive or large-scale enterprise projects.
Speed up and streamline elearning development across the organisation.
Polished elearning slides to engage stakeholders, partners, clients, or your team.
Facilitate teamwork and collaboration without compromising brand cohesion.
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Six signs of a
well-built elearning

An effective custom-developed elearning should have at least these six elements.


Clear call-to-actions
and navigations

Learners should easily navigate the content. They know what to do and where to go next.


Consistent branding

The application of logo, colour, and graphic elements represents the company identity.


Small bites of information

Content is broken down into pieces that are easily digestible for your learners.


Clean layout and
readable content

The texts should use readable size and colour. Content should flow following the natural eye movement in reading.


Relevant and quality images

Graphics or photos should elevate the content well and should be strategically curated and positioned.


Tested and iterated

Any online learning should be reviewed, revised and tested before finalising.


What I can do for you


What people say

"Extraordinary design and elearning
development skills"

“I’m pleased to wholeheartedly recommend SW Digital for their exceptional eLearning service. During our recent collaboration on a project, Lin's remarkable flexibility in tailoring solutions to our needs truly impressed me. She went above and beyond, seamlessly incorporating our project into her busy schedule while ensuring punctual delivery of project milestones. Lin's open communication fostered a collaborative environment where any challenges or changes were addressed proactively. SW Digital's human-centred approach, combined with their punctuality, adaptability, and extraordinary design and eLearning development skills, positions them as a top choice for anyone seeking meaningful and impactful eLearning solutions.”

Lani Sporish
elearning lead at urban utilities

"Absolute pleasure"

"Working with Shirleen has been an absolute pleasure. Her design skills are phenomenal but also her ability to pick up learning content from its draft form and turn it into a beautiful engaging storyboard/ design is second to none. It's been a breeze getting her up to speed with our processes and tools. Her way of working is extremely professional and clients love her visual flair, style and overall results of her creations. Look forward to hopefully working for many years to come"

Kristian Terry


"Working with Lin has been a game-changer. As the founder of a service-based business, I've primarily served individual clients. I had been wanting to create a course to expand the reach and impact of my work for a long time. Lin was patient and professional throughout the entire process. It was quite a process to tease out 10+ years of expertise into a six-chapter course, but Lin was structured and organized to keep us on track. I would never have been able to create such a polished and effective course without the sort of guidance that Lin provided. Thank you, Lin!"

Andrea Gerson
Founder of Resume SCRIPTER

"Great experience"

“Working with Lin was a great experience. She always demonstrated professionalism, talent and care for the quality of her work. She was a great asset to our team and highly recommended for anyone who is looking to work with someone who thinks outside the box and always delivers on creative projects.”

Hana Jebeile
Managing director at wlc (nOW ACADEMY INK)
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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates


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