My design thinking, inspiration and processes on my submission for The Show Learning Competition - Round 64

The Show Learning Competition - Round 64

My design thinking, inspiration and processes on my submission for The Show Learning Competition - Round 64

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August 30, 2023
What is the Show Learning Competition?

The competition invites 64 participants to compete against each other, voted by online audience to win ticket to a three-days e-learning online conference. I signed up to the competition, not long after that I received an acceptance email and the first brief!

The first brief of the competition as follow:

We were supposed to create a simple learning solution for Julia - the L& Manager for the Liberty City. There was no technology requirement, however need to be accessible by all ages and need to be adaptable for future changes. There is a pretty good amount of budget thought - $25,000. The brief is looking for 3 things:

  1. What tool this would be built-in
  2. Why is this the best solution for the client
  3. How can this solution be future-proofed

At the beginning stage I was struggling to unpack the brief and felt the constraint of the 'needs'.

The fact that it has to be adaptable, it was a bit difficult to digest. I had to actually sat down with my husband to uncover what it means and giving different perspective to what I actually can do. I actually created an Excel sheet that compare each one of the tool that I thought may be a solution to this brief.

However, at the end I was strongly pulled by using Instagram. It is a tool I am familiar with and I have been learning a lot from it recently.

One of the topics my husband and I talked about, revolved around how would I want the audience to feel when receiving the information. This leads back to when I found an Instagram diary account of a German girl named Eva during the Holocaust period. The diary was about what if there was Instagram during Holocaust? Below is the excerpt from the Guardian about the Instagram account;

'An Instagram account that recounts the real-life story of a Jewish girl murdered in a concentration camp, by imagining she had documented her days on a smartphone, has sparked a debate about how to sensitively portray the Holocaust.'

Her profile, posts and stories on Instagram impacted me emotionally. It works because the film was well done, the medium is relevant and the story is heartbreaking. So, I thought I wanted to capture that feeling in some degree.

But, I had my other doubts, this diary had some powerful messages and stories that we all known but will not be evolving in the future. This eventually lead me to my own research that New Zealand government had actually done an Instagram account that focus on guiding the public to fight against COVID-19.

This government account is well done and that was the piece that lead to my submission.

My Submission

I wanted my submission to be visually polished, engaging, conversational with the public, and following the current social trends. The emoji icons are inspired by the latest design trends in the UI/UX community. The colors were inspired by the Unite Agaisnt COVID-19 account, but I wanted to achieve stronger and dominant voice in the branding. The content were guided by the online public content this is already available out there.

Apart from what I have written in the submission, what I have found was important is to create a learning solution that is easy to implement, have consistent branding, visually appealing and relevant to the audience. The language needed to be friendly and the content need to make sense for the public audience.

I use Sketch to design my Instagram mock up:

Watch the Youtube review of all the submissions here:

Cath and Kim elaborated on each images. I am through to the next round! So excited! :)

Top Favourites Submissions and the Next Brief here by Kim & Cath:

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