Get behind the scenes of design process and thinking of my submission to the Round 32 of The Show. How I tackled a brief with a tight budget with an interactive scenario-branching video.

The Show Learning Competition - Round 32

Get behind the scenes of design process and thinking of my submission to the Round 32 of The Show. How I tackled a brief with a tight budget with an interactive scenario-branching video.

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August 30, 2023

The brief for the 2nd round of the competition began with a tight budget from the client. It was the first thing that stood out to me.  I can feel that it is getting more challenging!

Round 32 Brief was covered in this link:

Client: David, CEO of LGBT Collective - a non-profit organisation

The Brief: 

David is looking for a solution to bring awareness and push the health & wellbeing of their team member as a priority. They are quite forward-thinking and want something 'outside the box.'

They don't have any LMS. They want something easy to hand over and implement right away.

The budget is $5,000

What needs to be included in the submission?

  • What would your solution include
  • Why is this solution the best option for the client
  • How would it be implemented


I was thinking straight away to create a scenario-based solution. I want the users to feel empathetic and emotionally engaged with the journey. Health and wellbeing for the LGBT+ community are overly under-looked important issue. Although, the audience will be LGBT+ community itself, who probably already much aware about the topic. I'd imagine that they would probably want to see character and stories that much reflect the inner struggles they are going through.

That's when I decided that it will only be relevant if the stories are sourced from the community. Therefore, it will only make sense that if the personas are performed by the employees. Voila! It is also a way to reduce expense.


When it came to inspiration, I encountered a scenario-based created by Open University using Elucidat tool.

This Immerse Branching e-learning showcase four scenarios of personas who are going through difficult times in their lives. The user has control over support given for those in need. Each scene provides options to choose from that will lead the main character into a burst of anger or finally being able to open up. 

I find these responses are compelling - they very much reflect our daily life reaction to our surroundings. What we say and how we say it will impact somebody's life in some ways. 

So, I knew that those options are immensely impactful because of the story. Therefore, each of my personas needs to have a story that is relatable but also personal.

And at first, I thought, perfect! However, my challenge with Elucidat is the tool is out within the client budget. The cost is $2,500 per user/year, with a minimum of 3 users in 1 purchase.

I was disappointed, but it leads me to a big search of the interactive tool.

You can take a look at the list below:

After my research, I was so hooked with Wirewax, Verse and Rap. But actually, none of them is affordable. Except, Wirewax is doing a special because of COVID-19. They give free access to their studio up until October 2020.

The video that really drew me to Wirewax is this branching film from Nike.

I thought it was so easy to grasp and easy to navigate. 

You can give it a try here:

Look & Feel

For the look and feel of the video, I was very intrigued by this Moonlight movie poster.

I was attracted by the combination of colour, and you know that there is a real story going on about this main character.

However, the look and feel didn't work on my first draft. But I did start with some purple colour on my design. It then leads to the current one.

The Title:

I came up with 'the Trust' as the first idea. As I create colourful halos behind each persona, 'Circles of Trust' seems to make sense in that perspective. It also describes inclusivity and a safe circle or community where everyone is welcome.

I designed my mockup with Adobe Photoshop:

My Submission:

What would my solution include:

The solution consists of an online interactive video with branching scenarios that take the users along each character’s emotional journey. This interactive video is created with the free version of Wirewax. Each character represents essential trends health and wellbeing issues faced among the LGBT Collective employees. The options presented on each question show all available programs, community support or counselling options in the LGBT Collective and external vendors.

Why is this solution the best option for the client?
  • Online interactive video within budget. The Wirewax video tool (interactive video tool) is free until October 2020. The personas are performed by the LGBT Collective employees. The fee will only come to the filming and editing by me.
  • Online video is highly accessible and shareable by everyone
  • The video is performed by LGBT Collective employees. Therefore, it is relevant and emotionally engaging
  • It boosts LGBT health and wellbeing awareness inside and outside the LGBT Collective community

How would it be implemented?
  • The scenarios are scripted and developed in collaboration with the LGBT Collective manager or SME.
  • The interactive video is built using Wirewax video tool.
  • The video will be embedded into an LGBT Collective web page using iFrame. The company can then share the link of this page through email, social media, etc.

Watch the review by Cath and Kim here:

Hopefully, it has been useful for you!

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