In this blog, we review what is iSpring Suite 11, who is it for, and the main capabilities and features of iSpring Suite 11 as an integrated e-learning tool for Microsoft PowerPoint users.

iSpring Suite 11: eLearning Toolkit for PowerPoint Users

In this blog, we review what is iSpring Suite 11, who is it for, and the main capabilities and features of iSpring Suite 11 as an integrated e-learning tool for Microsoft PowerPoint users.

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December 8, 2023

This review is sponsored, providing me with an opportunity to explore a new e-learning tool. At SW Digital, we emphasise the use of other robust authoring tools for e-learning development, particularly for visual design and branding purposes. And Microsoft PowerPoint is not our preferred tool in this regard.

Key points of the blog:
  • An introduction to iSpring Suite, its target audience, compatibility with Mac laptops, and an overview of what to anticipate in this review.
  • A high-level exploration of the seven sections within the iSpring Suite panel, complete with screenshots within Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • A conclusion that summarizes the key takeaways from the review.

What is iSpring Suite?

iSpring Suite 11 is an integrated e-learning authoring toolkit for Microsoft Power Point. It helps you to convert presentations into online courses.

The main features include e-learning interactions, assessments, audio and video editing, screen recording, content library and LMS compatibility.

Who is it for?

If you are a beginner in e-learning development and a regular Microsoft PowerPoint user looking to enhance your e-learning materials, iSpring Suite could be the ideal choice for you.

Compared to Articulate Storyline, iSpring Suite offers a more cost-effective solution, is easier to install, and has a shorter learning curve.

While it offers limited customization options, this makes it accessible to a broader range of users.

However, in-depth theme customisation is not a strong suit.

This tool is well-suited for educators, trainers, and business professionals seeking to create engaging e-learning content within the familiar PowerPoint environment, without the need for extensive visual design expertise.

iSpring Suite's user-friendly interface and simplified visual and layout customisation options make it an excellent choice for those who want to produce highly interactive e-learning content with ease.

Compatibility with Mac laptop

If you're a Mac user and wish to explore iSpring Suite 11, it can be a valuable tool.

iSpring Suite is compatible with Mac devices, and the installation process is relatively straightforward when using Parallels Desktop.

I have found that the software performs smoothly on this platform, enhancing its accessibility for Mac users.

For detailed instructions on installing Parallels Desktop on your Mac laptop, you can refer to this guide.

One potential drawback to be aware of is that there may be a limitation in the resolution of Microsoft native tools when running them on Parallels Desktop. This limitation isn't unique to iSpring Suite; it applies to other tools as well.

What to expect in this review?
In this review, we will explore all the tools that come with iSpring Suite once it's integrated with PowerPoint. This blog will offer an overview of each tool's capabilities and include accompanying screenshots.
If you find this information valuable, please read on!

Installing iSpring Suite on Power Point

When you install iSpring Suite 11 on your laptop, you'll encounter the following pop-up images. Simply follow the provided instructions to complete the installation.

Installing iSpring Suite 11

After completing the installation, you will encounter the following slide, allowing you to begin creating a course in PowerPoint.

Get started with iSpring Suite 11

Creating a course

To help you quickly become familiar with iSpring Suite, choose their Course Template to explore the design possibilities within iSpring Suite 11.

iSpring Suite start up page

Next, it will display a sample course that allows you to experiment and test how it functions.

First slide of course sample of iSpring Suite
Reviewing the course sample

To provide you with a sneak peek at the demo test I've created using iSpring, here's an example:

Overview of the panel

After installation, iSpring Suite 11 will become accessible through a tab in the PowerPoint ribbon.

Once selected, you'll find seven sections in the panel.

iSpring Suite 11 panel in PowerPoint

To provide you with an in-depth understanding of the tool, let's explore each section individually.

1. Narration:

The leftmost section of the panel includes screen recording, audio recording, and narration management, making it a powerful tool for content creation.

1.1. Audio Recording

With the built-in audio recording tool, you can easily record your own voice and edit it directly, allowing you to add voiceovers on your presentation slide. Ensure to select ‘Options’ to set up your microphone correctly.

Recording an audio narration

1.2. Video Recording

Seamlessly integrated, the video recording feature lets you create video content that enhances your e-learning materials. The easy-to-use controls and editing options make this a valuable addition.

Recording a video presentation

1.3. Narration Management

Managing your voice over is a breeze with iSpring Suite. You can conveniently convert text to speech or add any audio file from your computer.

Converting text to speech
Inserting and positioning the audio file

2. Insert

iSpring Suite offers a wide range of interactive elements to elevate your e-learning content.

Set of content creation tools within iSpring Suite

2.1. Quiz

Create engaging quizzes with various question types and customizable feedback. Monitor learner progress and assess knowledge effectively. ISpring Suite 11 offers 14 types of built-in quizzes.

Start up slide when you insert a quiz

To create a quiz slide, select your question type:

Set of built-in interactive question types

For example, here’s the demo test I did with the Drag and Drop interaction.

Drag and drop quiz

Most of the interactive elements have similar setting allowing you to easily understand the navigation paradigm. To create the draggable items, you can easily add custom images or shapes in Power Point.

To edit the content of the items and drag area, access the Form View of the interaction.

Setting up a drag and drop qui

2.2. Interactions

iSpring Suite also offers interactive elements like timelines, labelled graphics, and tabs to make your content engaging and interactive.

Start up slide when adding an interaction

Here’s the category and types of available interactions:

Interaction types in iSuite

Here’s an example of building an interaction with using Tabs.

Tabs interaction

Like all the other interactions, you can set the number of tabs, the colour scheme, text style and format.

Customising Tabs theme

2.3. Role-Play

The software's role-play feature allows you to simulate real-world scenarios, enhancing decision-making and critical thinking skills among learners. The branching scenarios provide added depth and engagement.

Start up page for Role-play interactivity

This is a mini demo I did using Talkmaster:

Role-play interaction

To add or edit content, you can easily access the content journey:

Role-play branching journey

Editing the content for each step

2.4. Screen Recording:

Capture your screen with ease and integrate it into your e-learning materials.
The screen recording feature is a valuable tool for creating tutorials and software simulations.

Screen recording start up slide

When you click New Recording, you will see dotted lines to determine recording area.
You can adjust this area accordingly and start recording tutorial, content, or demonstration of a new tool.

Screen recording area

Screen recording editing

However, the Screen Recording can only record anything outside of your Power Point. Once you finish recording, you can easily edit the video to your liking.

2.5. YouTube and Web Object:

Seamlessly embed YouTube videos and web content into your e-learning presentations, enhancing the learning experience with external resources.

Insert a web object

Insert Youtube link

3. Content library

iSpring Suite enriches your content creation process with a variety of resources.

3.1. Slide Templates

Access a library of professionally designed slide templates to give your presentations a polished look.

Built in slide templates

3.2. Characters

Incorporate characters into your content to make it more relatable and engaging.

Built in characters with differet expression

3.3. Background

Choose from a selection of backgrounds to create visually appealing slides and content.

Available background to choose from

3.4. Objects

The library includes a wide range of objects that can be easily integrated into your materials to add visual appeal and interactivity.

Visual graphic assets to enhance your elearning

3.5. Icons

Enhance the visual appeal of your content with a collection of icons that you can easily insert into your presentations.

Icons and and control buttons

4. Presentation

iSpring Suite offers comprehensive options for managing and customising your presentations.

4.1. Slide Properties

Under the Slide Properties you can have a high-overview of all slides and customise slide transitions, branching, presenter, layout type, playlist and type of object.

Slide properties settings

4.2. Presentation Resources

Under the Presentation Resources, you can easily manage and integrate various resources into your presentations, including hyperlinks, media and documents.

Place to add links, documents, and other resources

4.3. Translation

Easily translate your presentations into multiple languages to reach a global audience.

Exporting text

Importing text

4.4. Customise Player

Tailor the player interface to match your brand or personal style, providing a cohesive experience for learners.

Customising how the player of your course look like

5. Preview and Publish

iSpring Suite 11 offers intuitive controls for course creation and management. The publishing options are versatile, allowing you to export your content for web in HTML5 format, video, iSpring Space, iSpring Learn, LMS, or Youtube. The content is also easily accessible across various devices.

6. About

6.1. What’s New

Stay updated with the latest features and improvements by checking the "What's New" section.

6.2. Options

Customise the software to your liking with various options and settings.

6.3. Updates

Keep your software up to date by easily accessing and installing updates.

6.4. Help

Access extensive help resources, including documentation, tutorials, and customer support.

7. Account

Accessing the account setting

Free trial and purchase

If you are interested in trying the iSpring Suite 11, there’s a 14-day free trial.

And when you’re ready to purchase the full package of the suite, use the following code to get some discount:

  • ‘LIN-WONG-SUITE’ when purchasing iSpring Suite with 10% discount
  • ‘LIN-WONG-SUITE-MAX’ For purchasing iSpring Suite Max with 10% discount

They are valid until 12.31.2024


In conclusion, iSpring Suite 11 impresses with its smooth integration with PowerPoint, making it an excellent choice for those with limited visual abilities.

With a balance of pricing, compatibility, and an array of features, this software offers e-learning solutions that caters to a wide audience of educators and professionals.

Whether you're looking to enhance your training programs or make your presentations more engaging, iSpring Suite 11 can be a a solid choice.

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