How did I mock-up 5-minute bullying and harassment training for hospitality business with EdApp Authoring Tool

Hot Noodle Micro-Learning Compliance Training with EdApp Case Study

How did I mock-up 5-minute bullying and harassment training for hospitality business with EdApp Authoring Tool

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August 30, 2023

Quarterfinal Brief was covered in this link:

Client: Suzuki, CEO of Hot Noodle - a noodle chain restaurant

The Brief:

Suzuki is looking for a mobile and desktop solution to provide bullying and harassment training to over 390 employees across Queensland.

They would like the training to be quick and easily implemented on their LMS system.

The budget is $15,000.

What needs to be included in the submission?

Up to a 3 minute recorded video pitching your idea to Suzuki, showing your solution and process, talking about:

  • Why you chose your solution
  • Why you recommend this specific approach
  • How your choice of tool and the recommended approach helps Hot Noodle meet their compliance needs.

A 1-page visual representation of your solution including a summary of the above statements.


The first thing that came up to my mind was that the client only wants 5 minutes of training. I think that is quite a constrain. Because typically content may look short - but everyone's reading pace is different. So, I needed to make sure that I transformed the content of the Workplace Bullying and Guidelines into bite chunks, and personalised that into Hot Noodle branding.

The other requirement that intrigued me was the University Students. They stood out for me because that would mean, the priority is mobile learning. That makes me think about responsive authoring tool options.

So I immediately explored Adapt tool, along with the other tools:

Then, I started thinking about micro-learning. At first, I was really interested in a tool called Talent Cards. However, the cards wouldn't work emotionally.

I have always loved EdApp - I have downloaded the app on my mobile and had tried a few template courses available for free.

So, I decided to explore deeper into EdApp. Get access into the admin panel, played around with the tool. And, it was so easy and intuitive to use.

EdApp is both an authoring tool and learning management system platform. You can have leaderboards and reward system if you use their LMS. And, they just charge you per user.

As I mentioned in the video, if you only want to use their Authoring Tool, there is a minimum puchase of 20 licenses of the Growth plan per month to be able to do export SCORM. This can be confirmed if you are in touch with them.

The more I explored EdApp, the more I think it fits what is required by the client. Micro-learning, SCORM compliant, responsive, CSS customisation to support the visual design and still within the budget.

Then, I started writing content for each slides. However, once I jump into the sketching the pages - I feel like something was missing. It didn't feel emotional enough. Like my previous work on LGBT+ Collective, I would like the learning experience to be personal and emotionally impactful. I had a discussion with my husband, that I would be more empathetic if I see bullying and harassment happens to others, and I can imagine that I would dismiss it if that happens to me. However, I think not everybody think this way. And, I kept thinking about what if the situation happens to the users? We could only feel empathetic towards others when we have experience it ourselves. And, that's when I get my AHA moment.

Sneak peek into the Admin side of EdApp, they are also integrated with Canva:


When I was doing research on EdApp Showcase, I encountered the mock up of Apple training with EdApp. And I thought, yeah ok, I can see how I can customise this.

Look & Feel

The first moment I saw this Japanese style hot noodle restaurant chain, I got very excited because this is the beginning of the fun design.

I was very intrigued by these vintage line drawings:

I wanted to have a Japanese interior drawing on the background. However, I struggled to envision that. Eventually, I found this image.

And, I could see that style being implemented into my graphic.

Mock Up

See my graphic progression mock-up here:

I was struggling to find the colour balance at the beginning, the pink in the branding is so dominant. However, I couldn't make pink as the primary color because it would be uncomfortable in the eyes.

Blue is always soothing and can cover a big chunk of space without hurting your eyes - with the right kind of blue.

And, my messy artboards in creating the mock-up interface design in Sketch:

My Submission:

What is my solution:

A 5-minute workplace bullying & harassment micro-learning responsive course created with EdApp Authoring Tool.**

The solution includes:

  • A micro-learning course using EdApp template and customised CSS.
  • A SCORM file exported from EdApp that can be uploaded to Hot Noodle LMS platform.
  • Three mini-videos (15-20 seconds each) that covers topics of Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Discrimination. Each video is a first-person shot that simulates a personal experience for each user.
  • One micro-assessment after each video that assesses the understanding of each situation. Each assessment ends with additional information.
  • Advices that learners can follow when they are experiencing or witnessing bullying or harassment.

Why did I choose this solution:

I chose EdApp Authoring Tool as the solution because it fits the most important part of the brief:

  • It supports desktop and mobile screens
  • It specialises on micro-learning
  • It fits the budget
  • Allows design customisation

Why did I recommend this approach:

University students are always on their smartphone and are very engaged with it. The hospitality environment is fast-paced, and everyone is always on the go. Hot Noodle needs a short course that can be accessed easily, anywhere, anytime. EdApp is perfect for this. Each mini-video is created in a way that makes it feels like it happens to the learner, this boosts emotional engagement.

How did my solution meet Hot Noodle compliance needs:

  • EdApp allows admins to export SCORM file which can be uploaded into Hot Noodle LMS of choice.
  • The learning content is also based on Queensland Workplace Bullying & Harassment guidelines.
  • Hot Noodle implements this course as a Mandatory Training that needs to be completed within 3 months. This will be assessed by the Restaurant Manager.

Video Recording

It was one thing to summarise your thought in PDF, but another to summarise your thinking in a recorded 3 min video!

I went on for 4-5 hours to finally get the 3 min video correct.

At the beginning, I went on to explain for 5-6 minutes, wanted to also give a sneak peek into the back-end of EdApp itself. But, eventually needed to Audit the recording. I did script back and forth. My husband suggested to use a teleprompter, but I was determined to use my memory - which isn't very strong!


EdApp License (assume 3 month development) $225

Storyboard $3,000

Graphic Design $1,500

Development & CSS $5,000

Filming & Editing $3,000

Script Writing $2,000

Total $14,755

Learning Process

Budgeting/Pricing process has been a struggle for me, and I am learning. I have been watching a lot of videos on how to price design services better with value-based pricing.

The whole process had made me realise that I am confident with the design skills I have and comfortable that there are design technique or skills that I don't know yet, and knowing I can learn and improve. However, the part that I realised I struggle with and not comfortable yet is business and sales skills. And, it is so good to understand that I can focus my learning towards what I need.

What have you been your learning throughout watching the competition?

Watch the video submission here:

Watch the review here:

Hopefully, it has been useful for you!

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