eLearning Design & Development

The elearning design and development process covers identifying the learner and business needs, designing learning structures, crafting visual interface design, and designing and developing learning materials. Be it scenario-based learning, gamification, microlearning, or responsive experience. I can help you to bring fresh perspectives to your online learning experience.

eLearning Design & Development

Does your business need to improve employee performance? Are you scaling your business? Or do you want to reach more learners?

You might answer yes to one of these questions, or you might even have your own reason. Partnering with you, we’ll design and develop learning solutions that align with your business goals.

Some of the services I provide to help you achieve your goals are:

Learning design consultancy

We discuss and analyse business needs, learning needs and learning environment to identify appropriate learning solutions, from crafting the learning structure to choosing the right platform.

Designing learning structure

Mixing an eLearning, video, job aid, or a PDF workbook can create a compelling and immersive learning experience. The learning objectives are our guide to determine the appropriate learning structure and format for each learning material. 

Visual and user experience design

I believe good visual design enhances learning experiences and improve content recall. Good design is good for business and for the learner.

Instructional design

We integrate adult learning principles and an appropriate instructional design approach in the storyboard to develop digestible, relevant, and engaging content. When developing strategically, scenario-based, gamification or personalisation techniques can effectively elevate learning content.

eLearning development

Develop learning materials with the authoring tool of choice. Learning materials can be vary from a website, a pdf, or an elearning, the tools to use can includeArticulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Evolve Authoring Tool, Adobe CreativeSuite, or a web builder.


Finding the right platform to host your courses that meet business and learning requirement needs aproper research. I can help you to investigate appropriate learning management system platforms or other retail LMS such as Thinkific or LearnWorlds.

An end-to-end process of eLearning design and development, the process will look like this:

Some of the eLearning design work

A Guide to Buying Fresh Fish
A fun and short elearning course to buying fresh fish built with Evolve authoring tool.
Puppy-Proof your Home
You're about to welcome a new puppy! Find 10 home improvements in this gamified elearning to make your place as puppy proof as possible!
Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset with 7Taps
Are you aware of your current mindset? Our mindset is the core of our belief system, attitude, and daily self-talk that can make or break our journey to success.

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